Unless day to day operations such as management of human resources, assets, budgets and even information is carried out effectively and efficiently, it is unlikely that the strategy can be implemented towards impact.

To do this, we tend to put in place systems and mechanisms such as the guidelines and procedures laid out in a Project Implementation Manual (PIM) or Annual Workplans and Budgets (AWPB). However, in some cases, the procedures we put in place to ensure that resources are used wisely have a negative effect on our ability to contribute to positive impact. In other cases, our day-to-day operational plans make no reference to our strategic plans. All too often, we put our strategies and theories of change on the shelf and forget them while we go ahead and develop our annual or quarterly workplans.

To navigate and manage towards impact, day-to-day operations and activities need to constantly refer to and keep in mind our overall goals and objectives. This involves working together as a team and ensuring that those responsible for operational procedures (such as finance and administration officers) also have a good understanding of the changes the project is trying to make and context within which it is working.


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