March MfI Workshop, Nairobi

A ten-day training will be held at Haramaya University, Ethiopia from the 15th to the 25th of September 2008. The workshop is for service providers and project staff interested in developing their skills and capacity to implement the Managing for Impact approach. 

The overall purpose of the workshop is to continue to develop and strengthen the MfI network in eastern & southern Africa to support pro-poor initiatives to effectively manage towards impact.

Specific objectives include:

  •  Enhancing the skills and knowledge of service providers and practitioners on what managing for impact means and how to put it into practice; and
  • Identifying service providers & practitioners willing to engage with SMIP through the MfI network to support pro-poor projects in the implementation of the managing for impact approach

The training workshop draws on adult learning principles. The approach used will be highly interactive in nature, involving both theory and real world experiences; and build on the existing knowledge and experiences of the participants. Participants will apply and reflect on some of the tools they learn about during a field visit in the second week of the course. The course content draws on the conceptual framework that guides the managing for impact approach and includes theories & backgrounds: methodologies & tools related to the following:

  •  Paradigms influencing knowledge & development
  • Systems, Institutions & Processes (SIPs)
  • Creating learning environments
  • Change management/managing change
  • Strategic planning
  • Operationalizing strategic plans
  • Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation

For further information, please visit the SMIP ERIL site