Welcome to the SMIP ERIL open space for MandE!

This space is an experiment on how best we can develop a culture of sharing our thoughts, knowledge, experiences. It’s an experiment because, in our part of the world – we don’t seem to have tapped in to the best way of doing this virtually. When we meet face to face – we’re very open and willing to engage with one another. However, once we’re back to our offices silence prevails!

The experiment begins by attempting to shatter boundaries. Hence – the open space. Here, users may share anything they want related to the use of M&E for managing for impact. More importantly – they may do so in any way they want! There’s no need to worry about being scientific, or getting the “report” write. Simply talk and question! You may even add video’s and pictures if you’re the kind that doesn’t like writing so much.

Like all experiments – this one will only work if there are willing participants! So please do join in the discussions!

The SMIP Team